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A Book of Mormon Believin' Christian - an Interview with Andrew Paclibare

February 01, 2024 Claire Dalton Season 1 Episode 4
The Clairity Podcast
A Book of Mormon Believin' Christian - an Interview with Andrew Paclibare
Show Notes

Last year I explored many of the Christian denominations as a result of my decision to leave the Mormon church.  And even more so than exploring mainstream Christian churches, I spent a lot of time talking to mainstream Christian people, attempting to understand their beliefs, values, and mindset regarding God and religion.

I thought going into this exploration that I shared many beliefs with Christians, but what I found felt more like a repeat of what I was met with in Mormonism.  Across the board, I was told my belief in the Book of Mormon didn't really make me a Christian, and in order to truly be a Christian and be "saved" I would have to peel away every single Mormon belief I've ever had.  My response to this was usually an inquiry to the person as to whether or not they had ever read the Book of Mormon, in which I always received a resounding "No, I haven't."

One of my biggest issues with Mormonism is people claiming they know the truth, simply because their church leaders and culture say so.  And now I was faced with Christians who claim they know the Book of Mormon can't possibly be true, because their culture and their Pastor says so.  Where are the people who are seeking to know for themselves?

If Mormonism is a cult like the Christians say it is, it would do Christians well to look at the patterns their own religion follows.  They would be shocked to see the similarities of corruption and cult-like behavior within their own churches.

So here's my proposal: 
Let's toss the idea that any particular institution or church is "the one and only way," and instead let's look to Christ as our one and only way.  As we do so, we move into a position to do as He instructs us to, whether that be through His word or the Holy Spirit.

Andrew Paclibare is one of these people.  He loves Jesus and is continuously seeking to find truth and healing through Him, which leaves Andrew open to believing whatever truth God leads him to.
In this episode, we dive into Andrew's journey of being raised Catholic, and later leaving the Catholic church to pursue Christianity.  Later, we find Andrew being baptized into the Mormon church and now pursuing Jesus in greater capacities throughout his life.  Andrew has had many joys and many pains and sorrows on his journey.  In this episode, we have some of God's miracles illustrated to us through Andrew's journey, and we are given some tips on how to find clarity through Christ no matter what church we may be in.